Saturday, April 18, 2009

Etsy-ology is my new favorite shopping site. It's all hand made stuff all the time. Totally unique and totally authentic. I'm in love with the crochet caps. So here is one of my favorites at $25, but I have many favs. Buy it here.


I love this candle from Bath and Body Works for two reasons. One, it's ceramic with a lid. I like it that I can hide a halfway melted burned out candle with behind opaque holder and under a lid. Two, this pineapple scent is so tropical it will have you doing the hula. It's a fabulous gift for any birthday. (A candle for your birthday, how appropriate) Or as a Mother's Day gift... your love lights my way. $16

Monday, January 12, 2009


This cute little cupcake looks good enough to eat....but don't. It's a bath fizz. Drop it in the bath tub for silky water, and silky skin. It's a fabulous birthday gift that will only set you back about $8. Buy it here.

Other gifts like this one:
Chop Stick-ology

Sunday, January 11, 2009


This teardrop vase makes a beautiful housewarming gift. Priced at only $3.95 each gives you room to give a cluster of them. You can even snap off a few stems from your garden to personalize it. (Don't have a garden? A nice simple bouquet with large buds would work great too.) Buy it here.

Chop Stick-ology

We love these "his and hers" chop stick holders. They retail for about $9 found here and would make a cute gift for kids or for the chop stick impaired. Couple the chop sticks with a takeout box filled with fortune cookies found in the ethnic section of your grocery store. You can even sweeten the deal and cover the fortune cookies with white chocolate. (look for the recepie under the comments for this post) What child wouldn't love that? Got some extra time on your hands? Order this Giant Fortune Cookie and white chocolate cover it. You can also order cookies with special messages and boxes here.


This is a cool retro fish-eye camera that uses good old 110 film. The coolest part of this camera is that your images have a bubbly look to them that make ordinary family photos unique. You may have to buy extra film online. It sells for $50 at Veer and is a great gadget for the artisan in your life.


The Ped Egg is one of those useful gifts and priced around $10. You can pick this product up at most drug stores in the "As Seen on TV" section, or you can click here to purchase it online. This little gem is just perfect for the girl who had to cut back on expenses and no longer gets weekly visits to the foot salon. Don't waste your money on a pumice stone, because this foot file takes less time, less work, and does a better job. Give the gift of silky feet. You can also add a couple bottles of your favorite polish and foot lotion for a nice gift grouping.